Welcome to Island Friends

A community of like-minded people with a commitment to personal freedom and liberty.

A Community of Friends With A Shared Vision

The Island Friends Story…

Island Friends are a group of individual people from all backgrounds, sexes and ages who have come together to express their unity in embracing personal freedom and liberty.

Island Friends has no political or religious agenda.

There are no dues or fees to join, only a sincere commitment to the principles of personal liberty and individual sovereignty.


Community Building

Island Friends is focused on building strong communities. If you’re looking for likeminded friends or you’re a local business with a shared commitment to freedom, you’ll get a warm welcome in our community forum. 

Activism & Events

Whether it’s organising local events and activism, or joining with larger national rallies and demonstrations, Island Friends is committed to upholding our absolute right to assemble, associate and protest.

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We Are Island Friends…

We are fully committed as free human beings, to our absolute right:

To freely associate, assemble and protest.

To make our own free, uncoerced medical choices.

To live without fear, to love and to take chances, NOT orders.

This website has been born to support these commitments and to support each other in our love of freedom and our love of life.

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