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Home Landguard Manor Landguard Manor Road Shanklin Isle of Wight PO37 7JB Work Phone: Angie: 07399 451 644 Work Phone: Keith: 07799 333 804 Website: http://www.wellbeings-feelbetter.com/
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​Angie and Keith have many years of working in the healing professions under their belts. Keith as a Rolfer for nearly 20 years and a Tai Chi teacher for almost 40 years. Angie as a Reflexologist, Massage therapist, and gifted healer for over 16 years. Despite some remarkable successes with their treatments they are also aware that there are no, “one cure fixes all” solutions. In fact, they wouldn’t even claim to be fixers of anything! What they actually do is ask, what is getting in the way of full wellness? What is preventing your body’s natural vitality, its in-built movement towards balance and health? Any sticky, fibrous fascia, an unhelpful movement or postural habit, or a negative belief about yourself or how you are perceived in the world, are all legitimate targets for their interest.
Empowering their clients to help themselves by knowing themselves a little better is always their priority.

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